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Movement quality is one of my passions. Our bodies are amazing at adapting and sometimes those adaptations limit our ability to execute proper movement patterns, particularly under intensity or load. Through thoughtful analysis and caring conversation I can help you develop a program towards your goal of health and well-being no matter if it's an aspiring athletic feat or as simple and important as healthy feel-good joints.

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focused movement instruction

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Comprehensive program to maximize health and fitness.

Assessment to improve healthy movement patterns.

One-on-one personalized instruction.


Thanks to my coach’s guidance, I am now moving my body in ways I haven’t been able to do in years. I could see and feel my body change in just the first couple of weeks with improved movement and strength. Three months after beginning the program, my weight was down, I lowered my A1C, my body was transforming and my posture improved. This program makes it easy to be accountable, which in turn, allows me to strive for further success. Thank you for helping me improve my health in so many ways!

Shelly S.

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