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What I learned is that it was okay to start where I was. I was wrong thinking I had to physically be more able than where I was when I started this program. I’ve been amazed that I’ve gained muscle; I really thought it was too late. 

AN, 57 physician and avid traveller


I went to see my chiropractor, first time in months. Just a tune up. First time ever I didn’t let out a huge grunt when she adjusted me; we were both surprised at how little work was needed. She credits the weight loss and strength training! A huge change from last February after my fall, breaking my wrist and the compression fracture in my spine. Also, another huge win— went shopping for a new pair of jeans and bought my first pair of skinny jeans and they are a size or two smaller than anything I’ve purchased in recent history. Thank you, Coach Stacy!

Gwen R, 61 gardener and life coach


Midway through my first 6 week program, I’m not overwhelmed with the work (sort of easy), I’m feeling muscles engage I didn’t know I had and what I’m most excited about is that I’m less worried about my knee! I used to ice my knee halfway through my weekly basketball game and again at night before bed. I don’t need to do it anymore!

Roger S, 63 business advisor and basketball player


"Stacy Anderson is simply the best, most comprehensive trainer I have found in 30 years of working with physical therapists and health club trainers.  Like many, she seeks to customize training regimes to personal goals, but she also compassionately accommodates and pushes one to overcome limitations (e.g., from past injuries or surgeries).  In session, she is totally focused on the client, applauds success, and quickly corrects form errors.  She also follows up after session as needed and is fair and reasonable on billing.  In short, Stacy’s fab!" 

 - Chuck Ragan, 72 Lawyer and Dog Walker Enthusiast 

In the last couple years, I have been increasing my workouts for better health.  In doing so, I wondered if I was exercising correctly?  Was I risking injury?  Stacy was a great help in making sure I was keeping good form to avoid injury. It is also super to have the positive encouragement and energy that she ALWAYS brings!  A great help to reach fitness goals and make workouts fun!

Thanks, Stacy!

- Ruth Cunningham,  52 Avid Water-skier

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