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Personalized coaching and programming to keep your body healthy to do the things you love. 

Encapsulating the three major categories that affect our health: 
fitness + food + capacity

As a coach of Health Engineered’s model, we embark together on your personalized journey of health. Developing systems in your life to help you move forward with where you’d like to go. Whether you love exercise or not, you’ll be excited about where your body goes. You might even learn to enjoy exercise. But certainly you’ll fall in love with what your body can do and what your life can be. 

Generally the more touchpoints we have at the beginning of your journey, helps catapult you towards your goals faster. Your appropriate tier level will naturally adjust to what you need from me as your coach and we’ll determine this together!

Tier 4 - Minimalist 

  • Virtual training

  • Individualized programming

  • Coaching support via TrueCoach app

Tier 3 - Essentialist 

  • Virtual training

  • 1 Coaching call (30-45')

  • Individualized programming

  • Coaching support via TrueCoach app

Tier 2 - Elevated 

  • Virtual training + 1 live (Zoom) training session (60-75')

  • 1 Coaching call (30-45')

  • Individualized programming

  • Coaching support via TrueCoach app

Tier 1 - Optimized 

  • Virtual training + 2 live (Zoom) training sessions (60-75')

  • 1 Coaching call (30-45')

  • Individualized programming

  • Coaching support via TrueCoach app

A la carte options:

Based on your needs and goals, we can customize a program that is right for you! Whether it's only coaching calls, in-person training, nutrition coaching or mobility work we can design it together to fit you!



An initial analysis of your static posture and movement allows us to design an exercise program that will help you feel better, move better and reduce injury. 


The 60-75’ session flow:

  1. Intake of your health history and goals.

  2. Static posture

  3. Foundation movements

  4. Loaded exercises

  5. Review, recommendations and program to take home and continue.

Movement Assessment - Initial $199.00
A 60-75’ session to identify any muscle compensation patterns, determine muscle imbalances as well as muscles not "firing" properly. We will review any corrective and mobility exercises that may be appropriate for you to incorporate into your exercise routine.

Movement Assessment - Follow up $129.00
A 60’ session of focused movement patterns and comparing to other assessments. 

In-Person Training

One-on-one personalized instruction. Having a coach oversee your movements to know how to make those adjustments to get more out of your training. You are putting in the work, so maximize your gains! Gym location is in South Minneapolis.

1/2 session (30’-40') = $ 80.00
Full session
(60-75’) = $ 120.00 (includes gym fee)

*Recurring weekly sessions at a 10% discount

Let's talk!


stacy anderson

As with many of us, we've been on personal journeys with our physical activities, injuries and revelations. For me the most challenging of injuries was a ruptured back disc with a fragment on my sciatic nerve. Despite surgery and other practices to alleviate pain, I struggled staying active in the way that brought me joy. 


I decided to get my formal certificate in personal training and continue to learn from my clients, my peers and various experts in the field.


It's been an an amazing journey and one that has inspired me to continue helping people move better, live better and enjoy their physical presence in the world.

Motus' motto is movement with intention. This thinking is not only with understanding the body-mind connection and moving thoughtfully during exercise but it's also the bigger perspective to train your body properly allowing proper recovery so you can fully enjoy your physical presence in the world. And to stay healthy, age gracefully and groove.

Some of those accreditations that I picked up along this journey:

Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified

Reflexive Performance Reset, Level 1

Metabolic Technician, Life Time Fitness

Adult CPR/AED, American Red Cross

Chemistry and Econ

Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Certified Massage Therapist

Northern School of Massage Therapy, Minneapolis, MN 

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